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Strangulation is highly prevalent in abusive relationships, yet it often goes unreported by survivors and undetected by law enforcement and other professionals working with survivors, leaving those who use this tactic of physical abuse unaccountable and risking the lives of survivors. Attempts to strangle, sometimes referred to as “choking,” not only raise red flags about the potential for future homicide, but they can also cause serious short- and long-term physical and mental health problems, including delayed death. 

Continuing Education Hours: 1

This training has been approved for one (1) continuing education unit for state-certified domestic violence programs by the Governor's Office for Children and Families.


Advocates will learn the following: 

• What strangulation is - and what it is not 

• Lethality risks of strangulation 

• Short- and long-term physical and mental health risks of strangulation 

• How to improve our response to survivors who have been strangled through screening and survivor education 

Indended Audience

Administrative and direct service staff and volunteers at domestic violence programs throughout the state of Georgia. 

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