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Many professionals that work within Georgia’s child-centered industries provide services, support and care to children impacted by domestic violence. Between 2010 and 2014, approximately 62,000 children in Georgia were present at the scene of family violence. These children are seeing, hearing and experiencing domestic violence in a variety of ways that impact the way they understand themselves, their families and the environment around them. Professionals working with this population of children fulfill many responsibilities that are connected to children and youth feeling safer, more empowered and less burdened by feelings of shame, blame and guilt.

Continuing Education Hours: 1.5

This webinar is approved by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for continuing education hours for state-certified domestic violence programs.


The “Through Their Eyes: Best Practices for Professionals Working with Children Exposed to Domestic Violence” webinar addresses aspects of service provision for professionals in various child-centered industries and settings including:

• Understanding a child’s experience of domestic violence

• Supporting the relationships between the parent-survivor and child 

• Developing a child-centered safety plan

• Discussing professional self-care and the importance of boundary setting with children and families

Indended Audience

Professionals in Georgia that work or volunteer primarily and directly with children within a child-centered organization. Such professionals include but are not limited to: child-care staff, school administrators and teachers, social workers, case managers, counselors, sports coaches, mentors, etc.

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