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While all domestic violence situations, by definition, involve some sort of risk or danger to the victim, there are some cases that stand out as being more dangerous than others.  Some cases may involve more physical risk, while others involve higher emotional risks.  It is impossible to predict future violence in any relationship but knowing what major risk factors to look for when working with survivors can help in developing effective safety plans, providing relevant services, and ultimately in saving lives. 

This webinar will go over the three main elements of danger assessments, as well as identify the major risk factors to look for when working with survivors of domestic violence. The presentation will include lecture, Q & A, and an activity to practices identifying the presence of risk factors in a domestic violence situation.

Continuing Education Hours: 1.5

This webinar has been approved by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for 1.5 CEUs for advocates working in Georgia’s state-certified domestic violence programs.


After participating in this webinar, attendees will be able to

• List the three main elements of danger assessment

• Identify at least five examples of risk factors that can be present in a domestic violence situation

• Use the information obtained during a danger assessment to develop a safety plan with a survivor and establish a plan for 

Indended Audience

Advocates and administrative staff of state-certified and community based domestic violence service programs in Georgia

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