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Research indicates that financial abuse occurs in 98% of abusive relationships, while at the same time, survivors often report that concerns over their ability to provide financially for themselves and their children is one of the top reasons for staying in or returning to an abusive relationship. There are many public benefit programs that can provide relief and support for survivors as they work toward financial independence, but accessing and applying for these programs can be confusing and overwhelming especially to a survivor experiencing trauma. 

This webinar, presented by Callan Wells, Benefits Hotline Supervisor from the Georgia Legal Services Program, and Allison Smith-Burke, Director of Public Policy for the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, offers the following information in order to prepare advocates in assisting survivors to access these programs.


Continuing Education Hours: 1.5

Continuing Education Units: This training has been approved by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for 1.5 continuing education units (CEUs) for state-certified domestic violence shelters.


  • Learn about various public benefit programs available to survivors of domestic violence and their children, including TANF, SNAP, PeachCare, Medicaid, CAPS, and the Affordable Care Act 
  • Learn about the basic eligibility requirements as well as how to navigate the application processes 
  • Gain specific advocacy tools and tips for helping survivors get fair access to various public benefit programs and specific program waivers 
  • Learn about GLSP’s Benefits Hotline which assists people in the 154 counties outside metro Atlanta 


Indended Audience

Advocates and staff of state certified or community based domestic violence organizations

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