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Course Description

This two-part module is intended for domestic violence advocates whose primary roles are legal advocacy. Legal advocates emerged to address barriers within legal systems, to help domestic violence survivors navigate legal processes more successfully and to empower survivors through information.  Part one of the Legal Advocacy 101 module focuses on the purpose and roles of legal advocates, Georgia family violence and stalking laws, interventions and barriers to receiving help within the legal system, as well as restrictions related to advocate privilege, confidentiality and unauthorized practice of law. Part one should take approximately one hour to complete.

Continuing Education Hours: 1

This e-learning module has been approved for 1 continuing education credit hour for domestic violence advocates by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. 


  •  Explain the purpose & various roles of effective legal advocacy and standards related to confidentiality and advocate privilege
  •  Define unauthorized practice of law (UPL) and best practices to avoid UPL
  •  Describe Georgia statutes, civil and criminal interventions and barriers within the legal system

Indended Audience

This e-learning module is intended for domestic violence advocates who engage in legal advocacy to improve systems navigation for survivors involved in civil and/or criminal processes.

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