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Victim safety is an integral component of Family Violence Intervention Programs (FVIPs). Victim Liaisons play a key role in upholding victim safety by connecting victims with resources, explaining the FVIP process to victims, and strategizing with victims and FVIP providers on safety considerations. This 90-minute webinar, presented in partnership by the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, will offer an overview of the history and role of Victim Liaisons in Georgia, build on advocacy skills and resources to enhance your work as a Victim Liaison, and provide recommendations and tips for successfully integrating advocacy and intervention into your Victim Liaison-FVIP partnership. This webinar is ideal for new Victim Liaisons, or for programs who are considering adding the role of Victim Liaison to their staff. 



Continuing Education Hours: 1.5

This training has been approved by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for continuing education units (CEUs) for state-certified domestic violence shelters.


Learning Objectives 

• Understand the rules that govern FVIPs and require a current contract with a Victim Liaison 

• Outline the process for building a relationship with FVIPs in your service area 

• Define the role of Victim Liaison 

• Determine best practices for Victim Liaison advocacy work 


• Access sample letters and forms for contacting survivors 

Indended Audience

Intended Audience: Victim Liaisons, Administrative and direct service staff of domestic violence community or shelter based programs

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